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Landscape Design Services

Throughout many years of landscape design and numerous client relationships we continue to reflect on what creates memorable gardens. It has never been the size of the lot, the quantity of plants installed or the technical difficulty. Most often it is found in the satisfaction of a homeowner with their projects when something truly unique was created. These unique qualities in a landscape cannot be created without an in depth consultation and well-constructed design process. We put an emphasis on time spent discussing client goals, inspirations, and expectations as well as analyzing the site, creating conceptual designs and discussing optional paving and planting schemes. This is what ensures our gardens to be a reflection of their unique personal style.

Onsite Consultations

Our first meeting will be at the proposed project site. We will take time discussing goals, inspirations and expectations. After this collaboration, we will decide if a Landscape Design Fee will be necessary to develop your personalized plan.

Site Measurements, Elevations & Analysis

This phase will take place directly following our onsite consultation or within a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Information on the site will be documented and stored for Base Map preparation.

Base Map Preparations

An accurate portrayal of the existing site is created. This will help to determine traffic flow, drainage concerns and unique features that are currently on the site.

Conceptual Designs & Renderings

Plans are rendered that depict big picture ideas. Hardscape locations and themes are presented, planting beds are laid out and budgets are presented. Precise details of the project are delayed until after a budget has been specified.

Hardscape & Softscape Design & Consultation

Following the presentation of the Conceptual Design, Hardscape and Softscape materials will be discussed. Individual brands, varieties and colors are presented to help narrow down selections.

Onsite Material Selection

Whether at a particular vendors location or at the clients site, proposed Hardscape elements will be displayed for final approval.

Final Landscape Plans & Hardscape Details

When necessary, a final plan will be drafted for homeowner approval displaying all elements of proposed work.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design for contemporary house

Focused Front landscape design